DAVID KAMEN, PhD, is a clinical psychologist licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where he treats patients who engage in self-injurious behaviors. In full-time practice for over 17 years, Dr. Kamen uses cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and psychodynamic approaches within individual, group, and family counseling formats. As a disability examiner and professional conduct investigator for the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice, Dr. Kamen has also served as a certified guardian ad litem and a forensic psychologist to address the issues of self-injury in victims of child abuse and neglect. He has published his research and presented at professional associations across the United States and in Canada. He is currently writing a book on childhood self-injury. 

Dr. Kamen has completed fellowship training with the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England. He has a Ph.D in Psychology and an M.S. in Psychology from the Auburn University, Clinical Psychology Program in Auburn, Alabama, and a BA in Psychology from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.