Cheryl Herrmann, RN, MS, APRN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC-CMC, shares her vast cardiac knowledge and experience to provide an interactive, dynamic, high energy, and easy-to-understand seminar. Her 35+ years of clinical experience includes 15 years as a bedside critical care nurse and 20+ years as Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist/Advanced Practice Nurse with hospitalized and clinic cardiac medical and cardiac surgery patients. In addition, Ms. Herrmann is a Prehospital RN for the local ambulance service. She is a popular speaker for local, regional, and national conferences, including presenting the American Association of Critical Care Nurses NTI for the past 10 years. She has been team leader of 50 medical-dental teams to Mexico and participated in a Critical Care Nursing Ambassador program to China. In addition to presenting, Ms. Herrmann has published several articles. 

In 2005, Ms. Herrmann was honored with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Circle of Excellence-Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award. She presents material in a way that all health professionals caring for the cardiac patient, regardless of where they are in the continuum, take home valuable pearls of wisdom and new skills. For more information about Ms. Herrmann, please visit