VINCENT HUDSON, PhD, DPT, MBA, ATC, has been rehabilitating sports injuries for 25 years. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for OAA Orthopaedic Specialists in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He has worked with professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB, including serving as Team Physical Therapist for the Orlando Magic and working with the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Phillies. Dr. Hudson has also served the athletic population at all collegiate levels, including University of Florida and Rutgers University (Division I), Cheyney University (Division II) and Delaware Valley College (Division III). He served as Program Director in Athletic Training and as Professor of Orthopedics in the School of Physical Therapy at the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Hudson holds several advanced degrees, including a PhD in Biomechanics, a DPT, an MS in Physical Therapy, and an MBA. He is licensed in physical therapy and athletic training. Dr. Hudson's vast knowledge and practical experience in the world of rehabilitation and sports injury make him a first-rate instructor.