MILICA McDOWELL, MSPT, DPT, ACSM-HFS, has over 15 years of physical therapy experience and specializes in orthopedic care of athletes of all ages. She attended the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Idaho State University to earn her Master's and Doctoral degrees, respectively. Dr. McDowell founded an out-patient physical therapy practice over 10 years ago, started a private durable medical equipment company in 2012, and is a founding partner in a sport biomechanics injury software company. She teaches in the Health and Human Performance department at her undergraduate alma mater, Montana State University-Bozeman. Dr. McDowell has treated athletes from all specialties during her career including professional X-Games, Free-skiing, US Ski Team, NFL, MLB, and NHL players. She has also worked with professional rodeo athletes and professional dance companies. Dr. McDowell is an active textbook reviewer and teaches nationwide professional continuing education seminars.