ROBERT G. WINNINGHAM, PhD, has 20 years of experience in applied memory issues and for the past 16 years has conducted research on older adults and their cognitive abilities. Dr. Winningham is currently serving as Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Western Oregon University, where he is also a professor in both the Psychological Sciences and Gerontology Departments. He also helps Linked Senior create video games and interactive activities specifically designed to enhance cognition, and he creates monthly brain stimulation activities for thousands of retirement communities as a part of Dr. Rob's Cranium Crunches on

 Some of Dr. Winningham's prior positions and experiences have included serving as President of MemAerobics, teaching responsibilities at both Baylor University and McLennan Community College, journal reviewer for the Journal of Experimental Psychology and Teaching of Psychology; and reviewing numerous psychology texts. In addition to publishing many peer-reviewed journal articles in the area of human memory, Dr. Winningham has been invited to give well over 1,000 invited presentations about memory and aging at various conferences and workshops. He has authored two books, Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood (2009) and Cranium Crunches (2016).

Dr. Winningham received his Doctorate in Neuroscience from Baylor University and his Master's and Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology from Western Washington University. To learn more about Dr. Winningham and his work, visit

Financial - Receives a speaking honorarium from Vyne Education. Has an ownership interest in Linked Senior, Inc.  Receives a speaking fee and salary from Masterpiece Living, Inc..
Nonfinancial - No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.