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12-Lead EKG and Chest X-Ray Interpretation
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Develop a 30-second approach to diagnosis of STEMI and differentiate changes beyond STEMI on 12-lead EKG

Apply interpretation skills using clinical case studies

Differentiate the polarity and P-QRS-T configuration of each lead in the 12-lead EKG

Examine the electrographic criteria, causes and significance of axis deviation

Discuss the criteria, causes, and significance of left and right bundle branch blocks

Analyze EKG changes associated with ischemia, injury, and infarction patterns

Develop a quick approach to diagnosis of STEMI on 12-lead EKG

Analyze EKG patterns beyond STEMI

Develop a systematic approach to chest X-ray interpretation

Identify correct placement of common invasive lines on chest X-rays

Differentiate between common cardiac and pulmonary disorders on chest X-rays

Discover the clinical pearls of EKG and chest X-rays in challenging case studies


CHERYL HERRMANN, RN, MS, APN, CCRN, CCNS-CSC/CMC, has 31 years of nursing experience—15 years as a bedside nurse in SICU, Neuro ICU, and CVICU, and 16 years as a cardiac clinical nurse specialist. As a cardiac CNS, she cares for patients in cardiac prep and recovery, cardiac catheterization, surgery, ICU, telemetry/progressive units, and at discharge. In addition, Ms. Herrmann is a Prehospital RN for the local ambulance service. She has a passion for cardiac nursing and is an advocate for heart health, particularly in raising awareness of heart disease in women. Ms. Herrmann is a reviewer for a critical care textbook as well as several nursing journals, one of which, Critical Care Clinics, recently published her article "A Woman's Heart is Different." She is a popular presenter for local nursing colleges, church and service groups, and EMS groups, as well as national conferences such as the American Association of Critical Care Nurses NTI. In 23 years of volunteer work, she has provided vital medical supplies, services, and training to the poor and disadvantaged in Mexico, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Indonesia. She has been team leader of 40 medical-dental teams to Mexico and participated in a Critical Care Nursing Ambassador program to China.
In 2005, Ms. Herrmann was honored with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Circle of Excellence—Excellent Clinical Nurse Specialist Award and the Twenty-Five Women in Leadership Award in central Illinois. She is the recipient of the 2009 University of Illinois Alumni Award. Her nursing career has been profiled in Advance for Nurses. Ms. Herrmann believes that learning should be fun and stimulating. She has created numerous educational puzzles and games for nurses, three of which have been published in AACN News. She presents material in a way that all health professionals caring for the cardiac patient, regardless of where they are in the continuum, take home valuable knowledge and new skills. For more information about Ms. Herrmann, please visit
Continuing Education Credits
Counselors: This educational offering qualifies for 6 continuing education hours as required by many national, state and local licensing boards and professional organizations. Save your course outline and certificate of completion, and contact your own board or organization for specific filing requirements.

Registered Nurses in:
Critical and Intensive Care
Acute Care
Cardiac Care
Emergency Departments
Physician Offices
Physician Assistants
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Emergency Medical Technicians
Respiratory Therapists
Acute Care and Family Nurse Practitioners

Cheryl is an expert—great experiences. I really like the clinical examples and case studies to relate to evidence-based practice.
Cynthia Peters, RN
Blue Springs, MO

Cheryl Herrmann is an excellent speaker. She has great pearls for learning.
Denise Stoerkel, RN
Willoughby, OH

Well done. Interesting examples and real-life application.
Diane Indermuhle, RN
Wooster, OH