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A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression
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  • How investigating and punishing kids for the way they treat each other actually causes hostilities to escalate
  • Why most of our beliefs about children's aggression are misguided
  • How to use two simple "magic responses" that cause aggression between children to quickly decrease
  • The beneficial role of humor in life


ISRAEL (IZZY) C. KALMAN, MS, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, is a nationally renowned instructor in anger control, bullying, and relationship problems. He has a knack for seeing simple things that escape most people, and for coming up with simple solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Nearly three decades ago, he developed a fun, yet powerful, one-session technique for teaching anger control to both children and adults. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at CCNY in New York in 1974, and a Master's of Science degree in clinical psychology at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia in 1978 before working as a school psychologist and psychotherapist in Israel and eventually in New York City. During the past 12 years, he has devoted himself full time to educating mental health professionals and educators. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and a member of the International School Psychology Association, the New York State Association of School Psychologists, the Richmond County Psychological Association, and the International Society for Research on Aggression.

Mr. Kalman is the author and creator of the website, which offers free online manuals that have helped people solve their bullying-related problems, worldwide. He is also the author of a book for youth, Bullies to Buddies: How to Turn Your Enemies Into Friends; a manual for teachers and parents called A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression Between Children; an audio CD program, How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying; a whole-school bullying-reduction program (actually, a victim-reduction program), Victim-Proof Your School; a DVD for workplace bullying called Turning Workplace Hostility into Harmony; and a DVD for marriage problems called From Soulmates to Cellmates. Mr. Kalman has appeared on national television as an expert on bullying, spoken at numerous professional conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and created a Staten Island Community TV series, Help, They're Driving Me Crazy. For more information about Mr. Kalman or his products, visit
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  • Drug and Alcohol Counselors
  • Criminal Justice Personnel
  • Juvenile Justice Personnel
  • Educators
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Parents
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  • Anyone who works with children

If you are serious about putting a stop to bullying and teasing you must use Izzy Kalman's techniques. I have spoken to hundreds of groups about bullying and teasing and never seen the results that I have after applying Izzy's strategies. I have seen every other program designed to stop this problem, but Izzy's is the only one that works!
Paul Reddick, Chairman, American Sportsmanship Association

A total paradigm shift—finally it all makes sense.
Frances Micelli, Counselor/State Administrator, Atlantic City, NJ

His methods have enabled conflicts and violent situations to be resolved and squashed.
Paul Choset, Principal, PS 54, Staten Island, NY

My own four children were quite young when my wife and I asked Mr. Kalman for advice on how to deal with their getting along with each other. We followed his suggestions consistently over the years. Now many people have remarked to me how well my children get along with each other and what a nice family life we have. When anyone says these things, I always feel grateful to Israel Kalman for giving me the best advice as a parent that anyone ever has.
Rabbi Gerald Sussman, Temple Emanu-El, Staten Island, NY

I needed this before school started! The ideas and steps are clear, rational, and logical. We should all be using this instead of Bully Proofing!
Donna Winchester, Counselor, El Paso, TX

Very valuable for elementary teachers, especially Physical Education!!
Jerome Kosters, Elementary Phys. Ed. Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

The information has made clear the things I see in the classroom on a regular basis. I can see more clearly students' problems.
Ann M. Anton, Teacher, Lansing, MI

This training would be excellent for all teachers and parents.
Karen Horstmann, Counselor, Raleigh, NC

Excellent!!! This…should be required for anyone working with or raising children…truly presents the 'movement' that is needed in response to the 'bully scare'.
Philip Winter, Psychologist, Director of Mental Health, Philadelphia, PA

Not only did I obtain information regarding the topic, but also techniques and activities to help bring back to my school and teach both staff and students. Great job and very thought provoking—changing my thoughts on our school bullying policy.
Melissa Thompson, Social Worker, Atlantic City, NJ

As a parent, and especially as a counselor, I thank you.
Kathleen Maloney, Counselor, Atlantic City, NJ